Mindfulness Courses

My experience of delivering courses for nearly ten years is that everyone who engages with the practice gets some benefit, and for some it can be truly life changing. Information about courses available in the near future, is available on my "future events" page. If you would like to join my mailing list and be informed about courses please email me.

There are several different ways of experiencing and learning about Mindfulness with me, as listed below. Comments from participants are given where available.

Introductory Talk; "A first taste of Mindfulness"
"helped us all take stock and ensure we find daily time to be mindful"

A half-day workshop available throughout the year and at specific events such as Open days at Riverside Wellbeing where I am based. If you would be interested in me delivering this taster session to your organisation, please contact me by email or phone, 0777 202 4653.

Mindfulness for Living:
"helped me to accept myself more and feel hopeful and excited about the future"
"it has enabled me to help myself in stressful situations"
"stops me having thoughts going round in my head and developing into bigger stories"
"helps me deal with situations in a calmer way"

This 8-week course is inspired by the Mindfulness based Stress Reduction and Mindfulness based Cognitive Therapy courses which are well researched and proven to be effective in many areas of life's difficulties. The course helps calm our minds, cultivating and reinforcing different neural pathways which allows us to realise that we have a choice as to which thoughts to encourage and which ones to leave alone. We have the freedom to promote helpful, positive thoughts, which can increase our levels of energy and happiness no matter what our circumstances.

Research shows that it has a beneficial effect both on physical states (psoriasis, chronic pain, high blood pressure) and on psychological states (anxiety, stress and depression). In the UK it is recommended in some areas by the National Institute of Clinical Excellence (NICE).

We meet as a group (usually 6-8 people) for 8 weeks. This will generally be weekly but may be fortnightly especially over school half-terms, to allow as many as possible to attend all sessions. Each meeting will be for two hours and during that time there is a mixture of exeriencing the mindfulness meditations, group discussion and teaching. No prior knowledge of mindfulness or meditation is necessary.

I have also delivered this course to staff in the NHS over several years and to a cancer support group. If you would be interested in me either delivering the whole course or a taster session to your organisation, please contact me by email or phone, 0777 202 4653.

Mindfulness Practice Group:
For those who already have some experience of meditation there are fortnightly practice groups, one daytime and one evening, to allow people to maintain their practice in a group setting.The practice groups are, as the name implies, where a longer practice is led and so allows you to experience regular practice in the company of others. There are two groups, both held monthly which last for one hour and cost £6. Both groups meet on Tuesdays, but on different weeks in the month.

Mindfulness Retreat days
Also for those with some experience of mindfulness practice, the retreat days offer a day of practice including periods of silence during meal breaks. They are held regularly throughout the year with a specific theme for each.

For more information about any of these please contact me by email or on 0777 202 4653

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