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Sarah Talbot         

MBACP (Accredited)

Diploma in Counselling, Certificate in Supervision
B.Sc, M.Sc, Cert.Ed

0777 202 4753

Sarah Talbot

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Time on my own to reflect and just be has always been important to me, whether I realised that whatever I was involved in offered that, or not. I expect in my younger days I just knew walking, for example, was helpful to me but hadn't thought to think why. As my relective practice grew, so it became increasingly important to offer myself this space, resulting in me spending time on retreats, on Iona, at St Beuno's, at Ampleforth Abbey and at Samye Ling.

As part of this self-reflective journey, I completed a year-long course in Mindfulness at the Tibetan Buddhist Centre, Samye Ling in 2009 with the Mindfulness Association and then co-taught groups with an experienced facilitator for several years. We facilitated the 8-week courses originally devised by Jon Kabat Zinn, adapted by Mark Williams and subsequently approved by NICE (the National Institute of Clinical Excellence) in some areas of the NHS.

I have delivered this 8-week course on my own now for several years in various settings; in the community, to a cancer help-group and to staff at a NHS trust. You can also learn about and experience mindfulness individually rather than in a group if you prefer. Along with the 8-week course, details of other courses are available here.

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My experience is that everyone who engages with the practice gets some benefit, and for some it can be truly life changing. More information about mindfulness is available in my booklet, Mindfulness, an Introduction and on the Mental Health's Federation website, Be Mindful.

For more information, please contact me by email or on 0777 202 4653

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